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Rachna Singh



Editor of The Wise Owl

A literary & Art online Magazine


My Story

My writing has a dash of literary pizzazz and a smattering of financial chutzpah (even if I say so myself). This has helped me to carve a niche for myself. My critics call me a maverick writer. I take that as a compliment. My early academic life was dedicated to literature. I completed my masters in English Literature from Punjab University in 1988 and was awarded gold medals for academic excellence. In 1991, I completed my MPhil in English Literature with a gold medal. I was also awarded the Nehru Centenary scholarship to pursue my doctorate at the University of Cambridge, U.K.  However, providence had chalked a different path for me.


In 1991, I joined the Indian Revenue Service and was trained in the intricacies of finance, taxation, economics and law. I also completed my Doctorate in English Literature in 2003. I have authored four books. My books, 'Myriad Musings' & 'Penny Panache: Piecing the Economic Puzzle' were published in 2016, 'The Financial Felicity: Making Sense of Money Matters' in 2017 and 'The Bitcoin Saga: A Mixed Montage' in 2019. The call of the Muse was too strong for me to ignore, so in September 2021 I put in my papers to pursue writing full time. I started The Wise Owl, an online literary & Art magazine and focussed on my writing full time. My book 'Phoenix in Flames', a book about ordinary women made extraordinary by their fortitude and grit, is in the bookstores now. 

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