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Image by Lucas van Oort

The Vow

The world has become a place of strife and pain. We need to make the world  a realm of peace and love. This poem is inspired by this somewhat overzealous utopian thought.

The sky wore a mantle of lazy clouds that day
Some white, some ominous and grey.
A light breeze made the mantle dance in abandon gay
Like the circlet of a maypole on a mayday.

Then the clouds of grey a cluster made
Wearing a dark parasol that did shade
The verdant landscape of pretty jade.
As though saddened to see the colour of nature pale
The sky with remorse wept, dripping copious tears into the vale.
The sun seeing this unhappy byplay
Thought to make things happy and gay
So with abandon he sprayed,
Molten gold across the sky
With a burst of sunrays
The sky turned from grey to gold in a beat
As the Goldsmith poured molten heat
Into the azure crucible with its block of peat
And in the blink of an eye the sky
Became a bejewelled tree.
Let us then
You and I
Splash the gold of glad tidings across the sky
Let the world with joy suffuse
And let the canker of sorrow diffuse
This world a happy place let us make
You and I
This vow let us take.

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