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Image by Ed Leszczynskl


Of late we have been hearing a lot about the rape and murder of minor girls. This poem was written when another such 'newsbreak' flashed on the Television and outside the rain pelted down as though to express distress at such a heartless gruesome spectacle

The pearl pink clouds

clinging to the azure of the sky

Like a baby to her Ma's lap

Curiously they stare

At the barren earth

They turn grey

At the sight of

what Man has done to Man

They hang low turning

ominously black

As they see

A spectacle

of murder and rape


Their heart breaking

Tears come to their eyes


They weep copiously

At the sight of a world gone awry


Drip, Drop, Drip

The rain pitter patters

Not rain

But Nature's tears 

of sorrow and pain

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