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Phoenix In Flames’ is a palette of stories that sketches vignettes of ordinary women who walk the tightrope of life with extraordinary grit, determination and fortitude. Sana, Sahar, Malini, Mrityunjai and other female protagonists grapple with their personal demons and tragedies. Some arise rejuvenated and reborn like the Phoenix, others perish, consumed by their own torment.

Will the irreparable loss of her son push Malini to the brink of a numbing emptiness, or will she be reborn as the nurturer of all? Will Sana break through the dark clouds of an impending tragedy or will she perish in the flames of her anguish, never to rise again? Will Sahar be able to fight the desire for self- annihilation triggered by an incestuous relationship or will she surrender to it?  The readers will find the answers to these questions as they traverse the dark landscape of emotional tales of tormented souls.


Rachna Singh with emotional fervour and panache weaves stories that seamlessly connect and find an echo in the lives of all women. The stories at times elicit a smile as ordinary women scale extraordinary heights. At other times they leave you misty-eyed at the tragic turn of events.


Rachna Singh In conversation About Phoenix in Flames

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My books are a mix of varied subjects and genres

The Bitcoin Saga: A Mixed Montage

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2019

The bitcoin tale, with all its thrills and spills, has been narrated in a simple and conversational tone and for the most part reads like a bestseller rather than an academic treatise on the genesis and evolution of the bitcoin and other of its ilk like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.


                                           The Business Standard

Financial Felicity: Making Sense of Money Matters

Publisher: Stellar, 2017

It is really a crash course on everything that has transpired and is transpiring in the world of finance. What marks it out from academic books is its irreverent and interesting take on difficult subjects, its extremely brief treatment of them and its very contemporary commentary on everything it takes up.

                                                 ~Aarti Krishnan

                                            Hindu Businessline

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Penny Panache: Piecing the Economic Puzzle

Publisher: Stellar, 2016

what really adds pizzazz to this collection is the author Rachna Singh’s literary panache...                                                                                                                                      -Renee Ranchan,

                                         The Sunday Guardian 

Myriad Musings

Publisher: Leadstart (Frog), 2016

The first section, Motley Musings, is a charming blend of characters and incidents from the author’s life – the mammoth rum guzzlers from Bengdubi and the deadly beauties of Jabalpur. Misty Musings, sketches vignettes that elicit a tear and at the same time, teach the value of serene acceptance. 

                                                                 ~Nitin Jain,

                                                                The Tribune

Myriad musings cover.jpg
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