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A Teardrop

Many years ago, in an old home, I saw an old lady with a weather beaten face. Her son had sent her to an old age home and she was on the verge of tears while narrating her tale of woe. Bravely, she kept her tears at bay but one truant teardrop escaped her vigil and clung to the corner of her eye. That image has stayed with me & prompted this short verse

It glistened pure and bright

Like a glittering diamond

Caught in the light.

It clung to the eye 

with tenacious might

Shone with sorrow


some remanants of delight


A bit of water

A hint of brine


It wells up in the eye

come moonshine

In moments of sorrow and pain

In times of joy and gain


A teardrop my friend

That you may spend

But rather not lend


A teardrop my friend

A pal in joy and pain

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