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The Lady In Yellow

THE dusty winds of May herald her arrival. She enters the city with a gentle rustle of satiny skirts.A glimpse of yellow against a dark green foliage or the russet brown of autumn leaves is the only indication of her presence

Fireflies On the Hillside

The evening was dark and gloomy. Black clouds threatened rain and thunder. Strong winds had begun to churn up the air. The heavens opened up and rain pelted down on the parched earth.

Image by Harsh Aryan

Ode to A summer Songstress

It is a scorching May afternoon. As I watch from my perch at the window, the streets empty out as denizens of the city retreat into the cool confines of their houses for a much-needed siesta. Even the patchy stray dog in the corner has limped its slow wavering way to a shady spot under the sparse hedge.

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