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The Charioteer

The inspiration of this poem came from a glorious sunrise and sunset I watched in then hills of Kasauli. It reminded me of the mythological tales my Grandmother told me about the Sun God or Surya devta.

He streaks across the dusky firmament,

With white steeds at the fore

so say the texts on ancient lore


On a slumberous morn,

He weaves the sky in a warp and weft of gold,

At high noon,

He paints the vault of heaven, in colours of copper and yellow so bold,


And then the dusky, seductress eve,

Lightly tiptoes in and gathers him in her enticing fold


Spent his day’s work done,

He sinks in her arms, an embrace so secure,

Only to rise like a phoenix,

As another sleepy morn knocks at his door,

And beckons him once again

To bathe the landscape in tints of rose and gold

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