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The Broken Glass

The Broken Glass

 Her hands shook as she carefully put the scalpel in the bag. She removed the surgical gloves with utmost care. They glistened crimson under the yellow light. To think she had taken the Hippocrates oath. She broke out in cold sweat. The deed was done. She could not lose her composure now. She had to enact her part in the drama right to the bitter end. not Mandy...that monster lay dead on the tiles in the bathroom. Mannat would be here any time. She had to have the bag ready or she would be in great trouble. She looked around desperately. Had she missed something? The vial of drug. Where had she put that? She spotted it on the nightstand. She rushed to pick it up but her trembling hands almost dropped it. She steadied her hand with difficulty and quickly shoved the broken vial into a side pocket of the vanity bag. She caressed the cream leather of the beautiful case with its tooled leather and intricately carved wooden clasp. Mandy had brought it for her from Italy. It was fitting that it now held the tools of his death. She came back to the present with a jerk. She had to remove the drink that she had laced with the drug. And dispose off the shards of glass. The glass had slipped from his hand and shattered on the bathroom tiles. The look of mad rage on his face as he lunged for her made her cringe in horror and fear. She shook off her thoughts. This was no time for introspection.

She rushed into the bathroom. There was so much blood everywhere. She averted her eyes and bent to collect the broken pieces of glass. Her life lay shattered at her feet like the broken shards of glass. Slowly she collected the broken pieces on a hotel napkin. The bell pealed. Oh God Mannat was already here. She rushed out and shoved the napkin into the vanity case clicking it shut with unnecessary force. She looked through the peephole. Yes, it was Mannat. She opened it a crack and pushed the vanity case into Mannat’s hands. “Mannat, sorry can’t invite you in, I’m barely decent and Mandy is getting dressed. We’re off to Manali. I’ll be obliged if you could keep the bag safe. It has some jewellery so I’ve locked it. ” She saw the utter confusion and shock on Mannat’s face. But Tanya, Mannat almost stuttered, why don’t you put it in the hotel safe. Is everything all right? You look dazed. Have you hurt yourself? You have blood on your forehead. Should I call the doctor? I’m fine Mannat. Don’t fuss. Please take the bag and go. Mandy is in a foul mood. I’ll talk to you later. She slammed the door shut. There was complete silence and then the sound of retreating footsteps, timorous and uncertain like Mannat herself.

She sighed in relief and  slumped in a heap on the floor. What had she done. Oh god what had she done. But that monster had left her with no way out. She could feel the burning welts on her back. He had mercilessly lashed her with his leather belt before they left Delhi. Her hip screamed in pain where he had slammed his booted foot. She could not take the physical abuse any more. She shuddered to think of the ménage a trios he had planned in Manali.

She straightened and moved with slow measured steps to the phone on the bureau. She took a deep breath, picked up the phone and punched in the number of the reception. This is an emergency she screamed hysterically into the phone. Please call a doctor. Very deliberately she let the receiver slip out of her hands and let it dangle at an ungainly angle from the bureau. Hello Ma’m hello, she could hear the tinny voice of the receptionist. She unlocked the door and went into the bathroom. Shuddering with revulsion, she sat on the bathroom tiles and pulled Mandy’s lifeless head into her lap. She sat there silently till she heard the knock on the door. With the quick precision she was known for as a doctor, she quickly slit her left wrist open with a long shard of glass. All the props were in place. Then she began to scream hysterically.....(Read  about what happens next in the Weekly update)

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